Month: September 2021

Nslookup command

Nslookup command – five easy examplesNslookup command – five easy examples

Nslookup command explained

The Nslookup command is a commonly used tool with a command-line interface. Usually, it is applied for DNS probing. Nslookup command is perfect if you want to check a domain name, its IP address, and various DNS records. The great benefit is that it is typically pre-built on almost every OS. Additionally, the Nslookup command presents clean and straightforward answers. 


Traceroute command

Traceroute command explainedTraceroute command explained

If you want to know everything about the traceroute command, you came to the right place. Here you will learn what is it, why to use it and how.

Traceroute command explained

Traceroute command, just like the rest of the popular network commands, is a simple small software with command-line interface (CLI) and comes built-in on most Linux distros, BSD distros and even macOS.

It is easy to understand its purpose, to trace the route of a query, from your computer, through all the routers (hops) on the way, to the target that you set.

The result will be data on each hop (host name and IP address), showing if the packets of data arrive and after what amount of time, and which was the next hop.

Traceroute options for Windows, Linux, and macOS