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What is DDoS protected DNS service?

The DDoS attacks are seriously bothering the functionality of many sites. Now, it doesn’t even matter if your site is small; if you have it hosted in a small country, provide free service, or anything.

The DDoS attacks are bringing any type of site anywhere, and you need to protect yourself. You saw that there is a DDoS protected DNS service, and you what to find more about it. Go on. Here you will learn the most important.

What is a DDOS attack?

The DDoS attacks are cyber-attacks that want to disable your service, usually by sending heavy traffic until your server goes belly up or they exploit the DNS or protocol like the UDP flaw and triple your site or application.

There are many DDoS attacks, and often they bring down even giants like Amazon, so if you don’t have protection, you are just a sitting duck. If you are using shared hosting, an attack on any of your “neighbors” will be an attack on you too.

What is DDoS protected DNS service?

The DDoS protected DNS service is what will make your DNS resist different types and sizes of DDoS attacks. It will protect you from different layer attacks (Layer 3, 4, 6, and 7) and understand the traffic and taka automated DDOS mitigation measures.

What you want from the DDOS protected DNS service is:

  • DNS traffic monitor. It can understand well if there is malicious traffic coming and from where it is coming. A DDOS protected DNS service should be able to detect bot traffic from “zombie” devices that are used for organized attacks.
  • Not limiting real traffic. You need a service that cuts the bad traffic but leaves the good one. It is not worth it if you are losing real traffic from people with similar IP addresses to bad traffic. You a service that can make a difference.
  • Smart triggers. In case of seeing a problem, you need to have pre-set triggers, actions that your network should take even without you knowing. It can notify you about the DDOS attack, redirect the traffic, stop a particular source, and more.
  • Load balancing. The huge traffic that is coming on your way, might be too much for a single nameserver, but what about a large network of working-together nameserver? Yes, you can balance the traffic between all your nameservers. The more points of presence the service offers, the better. A larger network of DNS servers will have better chances to resist an attack.
  • DNS failover. In case that the attack gets too strong on a single nameserver, you want the whole system to continue working. You need a DNS failover too, that will auto-redirect the traffic from one server to another in case of failure. You can set it up to redirect the traffic until the server that is down get up again.


DDOS protected DNS service is a mouthful to say, but it is actually a great service that potential every site owner must have if they want to have the best possible uptime. Yes, it is not free, and yes, you will need a bit of knowledge to use it, but for sure, it is worth it.

The DDoS attacks will never stop. Be prepared because a DDOS attack can bring down your site at an important moment like Black Friday or Christmas sales, and you can lose a lot of money.

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